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Hi girls, perhaps MAC products are no longer strange to you any more, right? In MAC cosmetic collection, the MAC Lipglass is the most favorite lipgloss of many women. As customer experiences, MAC Sized to Go Lipglass are not only very durable and shiny for hours but also own lip balm formula that helps our lips always be soft. Besides, the cost of cosmetic products labeled MAC is quite affordable and suitable for multiple audiences, including students and officers.

Today, we will introduce to you a popular line of MAC lip gloss named MAC Sized to Go Lipglass with eight best shades, Love Child, C-Thru, Oh Baby, Piunk Lemonde, Pink Poodle, PRRR, Rebel and Saint German.

What has been said about this Mac lip gloss line?

A unique MAC lip gloss available in variety of colors that can create a high gloss, glass-like finish or a subtle sheen. Designed to be worn on its own or over lip pencil or lipstick, it is the perfect mac lip gloss for creating shine that lasts. It is pigmented and very shinny so that can impart subtle or dramatic color. It contains jojoba oil to soften and condition your lips. It is packaged in a convenient bottle with a sponge tip applicator that provides a quick, smooth, even application (MAC Cosmetics). They called “sized to go” because they are small and very convenient for travelling with travel size (30 ml).

MAC Sized to Go Lipglass “Love Child”

lovechild swatch lovechild

Product: MAC Sized to Go Lipglass – Love Child

Price: $17.58

Rating: 4.4

Number of customers reviewed: 309

Long-lasting: 4 hours +

Feature: MAC Lovechild is for you if you can accept its typical thickness and stickyness. Formula of MAC Lovechild is sticky, creamy, and long-lasting. MAC describes this shade as coppered plum color with brown and beautiful golden sparkles. In my feeling, it looks quite dark and intimidating in the tube, but goes on sheer to light in color. This color is so amazing for daily wear, pairs with purple, bronze, and copper dramatic eye shadow looks with a mauve blush. The typical pro is that it lasts a long time. It can easily stay on your lips over 4 hours even after eating or drinking. Although it is thick, the gloss spreads uniformly and smoothly on my lips. I feel very moisturizing on the lips. However, some people may find the texture too heavy or thick. And the price seems a bit high with its small size.

For skin tone: All skin tones from fair, medium to olive.
MAC Love Child Swatches natural light and with flash.

Apply with lipstick: You can wear it with MAC Currant Lip Pencil or MAC Lipstick Dark Side, or MAC Lovechild on rim of lips. Or you can only apply it. It totally depends on you.

MAC Sized to Go “C Thru”

C Thru swatch C Thru

Product: MAC Sized to Go Lipglass – C Thru

Price: $22.47

Rating: 5

Number of customers reviewed: 460

Long-lasting: 4 hours +

Feature: It is one of my favorite MAC lip glosses. My first feeling about C-Thru is a milky beige-nude with pale beige-white shimmer lip gloss. When you put this shade on your lips, you can feel like no makeup, so naturally. The texture and its thickness helps this gloss stays on when your lips get so dry in the winter. C -Thru is able to tone down too bright or too dark lipsticks. That why MAC C-Thru is described as a very versatile MAC lip gloss. However, if you put too much or apply it with too heavy hand, it seems too milky on your lips, or they are too glossy. You just need to apply the right amount and you are able to control its color. Besides, it has good staying power to stay on your lips for a few hours after applying. The only weak point of this shade is very very sticky with anyone who is not familiar with MAC Lip gloss.

For skin tone: MAC C-Thru lipglass could be worn well by people of all different skin tones, fair, medium or olive.

Apply with lipstick: MAC Amplified Crème Lipstick – Blakety is the best choice. And it is very suitable with smokey eyes, usually layered with nude liners like MAC Spice or Subculture.

MAC Sized to Go “Oh Baby”

oh baby swatch Oh Baby

Product: MAC Sized to Go – Oh Baby

Price: $19.98

Rating: 4.1

Number of customers reviewed: 383

Long-lasting: 3- 4 hours

Feature: Oh Baby is described as a golden bronze MAC lip gloss that looks particularly great paired with bronze and teal eye shadows. The brozen color of Oh Baby is actually not easy to disappear on your lips. It looks high sheen with multicolor shimmer flecks and feels slightly tacky. Its texture is sticky but doesn’t feel milky like C-Thru. However, Oh Baby would be better for people who have darker skin tones than fair ones, especially if you want a MAC lip gloss that can wear alone as well as over lipsticks. The pigmentation makes me feel glossy if I use with lip liner or lipstick underneath. The design with the shape of doe-foot applicator help users pick the right amount. Nevertheless, many people think that the glitter is chunky and the gloss wears off it doesn’t look nice. Besides, this shade is pretty but not easy to incorporate.

For skin tone: Medium or Olive.

Apply with lipstick: It’s up to you. You can combine with MAC Lustre Lipstick – Viva Glam V or VI.

MAC Sized to Go “Pink Lemonade”

pink lemonade swatch Pink Lemonade

Product: MAC Sized to Go – Pink Lemonade

Price: $17.58

Rating: 4.0

Number of customers reviewed: 216

Long-lasting: 3- 3.5 hours

Feature: If you are a follower of coral colors, don’t hesitate. Pink Lemonade is definitely up your alley. The gorgeous light pink coral colour is very suitable for everyday to school or work. It is described as a beautiful flamingo pink by MAC, the lip gloss has very finely thick, high-shine shade with golden shimmer, which gives a lovely glossy finish to the lips without making them look super glittery. One lovely thing is vanilla scent, which is pretty nice and definitely not overpowering. With only one swipe of Pink Lemonade, my lips look more plump and juicy. As many MAC lip gloss, Pink Lemonade’s texture is sticky, but really stays on your lips for a long time. However, Pink Lemonade doesn’t dry out your lips at all, even in dry weather. Because it has infused Jojoba Oil in its ingredients, which can soften and condition our lips.

For skin tones: Fair to Medium

MAC Sized to Go “Pink Poodle”

pink poodle swatch Pink Poodle

Product: MAC Sized to Go – Pink Poodle

Price: $14.99

Rating: 4.4

Number of customers reviewed: 194

Long-lasting: around 4 hours

Feature: If you are looking for a true pink lip gloss, Pink Poodle is very good for you. It is really one of the best MAC lip glosses. This is a pretty fuchsia colour with just a little shimmer and also can brighten your face with gorgeous looking. Once on the lips, it is pigmented and not nearly as obscenely bright as it looks in the tube. Besides, this lip gloss does make your teeth look whiter than usual. The formula wasn’t too sticky and the lip gloss is great on its own or over a nude or pink lipstick. It is also moisturizing and hydrating, so you don’t need use any lip balm. Your lips will be so fresh and nice, especially in the winter. One more time, if you are not someone who likes the thick texture of Mac lip gloss, this shade may not be for you. It feels too heavy on your lips and is so sticky that attracts all the dust and flies.

For skin tones: Fair or Medium

Apply with lipsticks: It is even more beautiful when layered on top of MAC pink bright lipsticks like Impassioned or Girl about Town, and MAC Matte Lipstick “Candy Yum Yum”

MAC Sized to Go “PRRR”

Product: MAC Sized to Go – PRRR

Price: $17.58

Rating: 4.1

Number of customers reviewed: 855

Long-lasting: around 3 hours

Feature: PRRR is a soft pinky-peach with icy shimmer.This shade is little milky and appears patchy if your lips are not well exfoliated. It is opaque in two swipes and looks like a warm peachy that just makes my lips look so natural, gleaming and fresh. Once you put this lip gloss on your lips, you will feel the difference, an instant plumping, and your lips will be looking juicy for the day. And if you want to apply this on top of a colored lipstick, it might look very bold. The gloss is little milky in nature than other MAC lip glosses and also hard to incorporate. The price is one of the most concerns, but I think that great quality matches the price, so it’s usually worth it.

For skin tones: all skin tones from olive, medium to fair.

Apply with lipsticks: MAC Hue and MAC Cremesheen Shy Girl.

MAC Sized to Go “Rebel”

Product: MAC Sized to Go – Rebel

Price: $19.99

Rating: 5

Number of customers reviewed: 2

Long-lasting: around 3 – 3.5 hours

Feature: Rebel is a berry-red with a little purple tint. My first impression of this lip gloss was pretty good and like a grape color. It wasn’t too dramatic to make my lips look not real, but it is bright and a little shiny. With its appearance, it looks medium-purple but when you apply it is a tan color with dark red-berry iridescence. It is super sexy and mature but not sticky. My lips are line-free, plump, soft, and healthy-looking. It seems more suitable to wear in autumn and winter than in spring or summer. With one swipe, it seems semi opaque, but with two ones more, there are some splotches in the end result. The mac lip gloss’s color matches the lipstick extremely well, at worst, it’s slightly less red-toned, but it’s hard to tell.

For skin tones: Fair to Medium.

Apply with lipsticks: MAC Lipstick in Rebel.

MAC Sized to Go “Saint Germain”

Product: MAC Sized to Go – Saint Germain

Price: $16.29

Rating: 4.7

Number of customers reviewed: 7

Long-lasting: around 3 hours

Feature: If you’re searching for a Barbie pink, Saint Germain is for you. With the flattering color and smooth consistency, it will make your lips look so shiny. MAC describes this is a light cool pink and honestly, the color feels like the perfect shade of pink, whether it be for spring, summer, fall, or winter. Saint Germain Lipglass is a milky pale cool-toned pink. I think Saint Germain is a must have gloss for your collection if you have a fair skin tone. This MAC lip gloss is slightly lighter and semi-opaque with one or two swipes, but it applies fairly unevenly and settles into lip lines quite a bit. The formula is quite a bit thicker and stickier than other MAC lip gloss and not easy to apply. When you layer the lip gloss over the lipstick, the result is a slightly pinker color overall.

For skin tones: Fair

Apply with lipsticks: MAC Amplified Crème Lipstick “Saint Germain”.

To a nutshell, most MAC Lip glosses have vanilla scent and thick texture. Someone doesn’t like that, but this design helps MAC Lipglass tend to last for a long time on your lips than others lipglass’s brands. If you are just starting to collect MAC Lipglass, this line – MAC Sized to Go Lipglass is one of the best choices.

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