Mac Pro Longwear lipglass review

MAC lip glosses always impress customers by the quality of each product. This review will focus on the Pro Longwear Lipglass line that is considered as one of the best MAC lip glosses. MAC says that Pro Longwear Lipglass is a longwearing lip gloss that goes on smooth and lasts for up to six hours and is able to envelop lips with shine colour and pro-longs the hours between re-application.

Pro Longwear Lipglasses are packaged in clear plastic tubes with four best shades: Whoops, Long Love Love, Forever Rose and Ready or Not. These are all nicely pigmented with some being more opaque than others. Many customers found a little difficult to spread these lip glosses onto their lips at first but they do not feel so thick and sticky once their lips start to be warmed up. One unique thing is the applicator for this is not the typical doe-foot applicator found in other MAC lip glosses, it comes with a flat sponge tip, spatula-like applicator. I like the shape of the applicator. Because it is not too large so it’s not difficult to reach smaller areas like the corner of the mouth with the precise amount, also with flexibility (almost like a lip brush).

MAC Pro Longwear Lipglass “Whoops”whoops

Whoops swatch

Product: MAC Pro Longwear Lipglass – Whoops

Price: $18.95

Rating: 4.3

Number of customers reviewed: 28

Long-lasting: 5 hours +Feature: MAC describes Whoops as a bright coral lip gloss cream and well it is extremely true that and even more. I have to say that it is the most beautiful coral MAC lip gloss. The gloss comes in a gorgeous pack with a luxury and tempting tube. Alike other MAC lip glosses, it is sticky, but once you try it, it is better than you might imaginethere is more good than you imagine. Honestly, although the texture is thick, it doesn’t bleed like other glosses and it stays within the lip lines exactly. The color is close to be opaque with two swipes more so as to pigment lips well. This shade is very bright, you can tone it down by using your fingers to blend it. If you are a gloss lover, you must try it, and you won’t be disappointed. Whoops is one of the longest wearing thickest lip glosses ever. It stays for 5 hours after eating and drinking. Without eating, I think it would last 6 hours on your lips, just the concentration of the color reduces.

For skin tones: Fair

Apply with lipsticks: MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick “Be A Lady” or “Stye Surge”.

MAC Pro Longwear Lipglass “Forever Rose”

forever rose

forever rose swatch

Product: MAC Pro Longwear Lipglass – Forever Rose

Price: $19.95

Rating: 5

Long-lasting: 6 hours +

Feature: As MAC’s description, Forever Rose is a mid-tone neutral creamy rose shade. That makes me feel soft as rose petals. It is hard to say that the color is red or pink. This shade has a thick consistency but is slightly sticky. It has near opaque pigmentation and a creamy glossy finish, but it doesn’t have any shimmer in it. This lip gloss instantly brightens up your face with a little warm pink. The color is really suitable for you to wear anywhere and anytime. , Because of the lip balm formula with Jojoba oil, you still feel comfortable and moisturized even in the winter. Forever Rose is super hydrating and stays on for a good 6 hours on your lips with light meals. The best thing about this gloss is that it doesn’t get patchy on the lips after 2-3 hours. If you are fan of long stay glosses, Forever Rose is your choice.

For skin tones: Fair to Medium.

Apply with lipstick: MAC Pro Longwear LipCrème “Pro Long” or MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick “Everyday Diva”.

MAC Pro Longwear Lipglass “Long Love Love”

long love love

long love love swatch

Product: MAC Pro Longwear Lipglass – Long Love Love

Price: $27.95

Rating: 4.1

Number of customers reviewed: 7

Long-lasting: 4 hours +

Feature: Long Love Love is one of my favorite pink MAC lip glosses. It is a light cool blue-based pink. The color also has a reflective finish. Even when you apply it with two layers more, it is still be so smooth, nice and creamy that you can get great color pay-off. The color is close to be opaque hence it would be fine for pigmented lips as well. See how some glosses leave a watery fluid outside the color, this one does not, it is very thick and stays put. The thick texture may be not pleasant to wear, but which makes the gloss long-wearing than other MAC lip glosses. This shade can be stayed on your lips for four and a half hours. It is very hydrating and forgiving on your lips. It feels like you are putting honey on your lips.

For skin tones: Fair

Apply with lipsticks: MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick “Lady Who Lunch” or MAC Amplified Crème Lipstick “Saint Germain”.

MAC Pro Longwear Lipglass “Ready or Not”
ready or notready or not swatch

Product: MAC Pro Longwear Lipglass – Ready or Not

Price: $28.45

Rating: 4.0

Long-lasting: 4 hours +

Feature: Ready or Not is a neutral light coral with slight pearl color while MAC describes this shade as “light-medium peach with soft white micro-shimmer”. It doesn’t look like brown as its appearance in plastic tube. Once you apply with some swipes, you will feel pale pearl on your lips. If you want this to look more like a light nude, you can apply it over the Pro Longwear Lip Pencil Saunter, being released with the Hey, Sailor collection. Despite being a little thick and on the stickier side, it doesn’t feel uncomfortable on the lips. Right till the end, the texture remains the same. My experience was that the gloss does last for longer than other MAC lip gloss formulas–around four or five hours, with slight fading after a couple of hours. This is, of course, if you don’t eat or drink during this time or eat/drink very lightly.

For skin tones: All skin types, from Fair, Medium to Olive.

Apply with lipsticks: MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick “Luxe Naturale” or “Posh Tone” and MAC Pro Longwear LipCrème “To the Future”.

If you don’t mind a slightly thick texture for longer staying power, you should check out the Pro Longwear lip-glosses!

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