MAC lipglass – best cremesheen glass

Of all MAC lipglass types, the cremesheen has a good lip finish that will enchant you from the very first time. It’s shiny but not too spark, wearable but not sticky. With a firm doe-foot applicator, this best MAC lipglass brings you a very creamy, soft, moisturizing and natural top layer. The color of MAC lipglass cremesheen is also very diverse. Regardless of your skin tone, your dress and style, you can find the best choice in nearly 20 pretty colors. All of them are very pigmented, deep and beautiful. Either applying alone or over a lipstick, it looks amazing and sheer. For the first time, I immediately adored this product. It completely cannot go wrong on my lip shape. You also cannot resist the smell of it, it’s pretty, delicious and sweety, my boyfriend love it too. This MAC lipglass is quite pricey but I think it’s worthy. It’s a good buy that you should try at least once. Now I’m officially addicted and always afraid that my favorite lipglass can run out of store easily. I bet that you won’t be disappointed with this perfect product. If you haven’t believed in my assessment yet, let’s find out more objective reviews in the list of every single color below then you’ll have your own answer.


MAC lipglass – best cremesheen glass

 RISING SUN – Frosted bright orange

RISING SUN - Frosted bright orange

RISING SUN – Frosted bright orange

Rating: 4.7/5

Long lasting: Yes

Feature: The Rising Sun can be your next favorite lipgloss with medium orange tone and golden shimmer when applying. This color will brighten your lips and face instantly to bring you a very beautiful and warm look.

For skin tone: pale

FASHION SCOOP – Clear pink

FASHION SCOOP - Clear pink

FASHION SCOOP – Clear pink

Rating: 4.0

Number of customers reviewed: 48

Long lasting: No

Feature: This MAC lipglass color is like baby milk pink. It glides on your lips so nicely and smooth. It’s a perfect topcoat to bring you natural and kissable lips in winter. Its smell and taste are also amazing and pretty. Applying it over matter lip pencils will keep your lips from drying.

For skin tone: Medium skin

DOUBLE HAPPINESS – Frosted light nude

DOUBLE HAPPINESS - Frosted light nude

DOUBLE HAPPINESS – Frosted light nude

Rating: 4.4/5

Feature: This MAC lipglass can be looked the same when you applying it on your lips. May be due to the silver shimmer, it reduces your pigmentation slightly. This pale rose color should be applied only on red and pigmented lips.

For skin tone: Fair, medium

RICHER, LUSHER – Peach coral

RICHER, LUSHER - Peach coral

RICHER, LUSHER – Peach coral

Rating: 4.5/5

Long-lasting: Yes. This MAC lipglass is extremely long lasting. The maintenance is so high but you still should reapply it after eating.

Feature: This good lipglass is by far the least sticky lipglass of all; you don’t have to worry that the wind can make your hair stick to it. Your lips are not also stuck together when you’re talking. You can move your lips freely and comfortably. Sometimes you might dissatisfy a little bit with the clump in the lines of the lips and the corners, but your lips are truly plumber and shinier. Even if you lips is so sensitive, it’s still soft, pure and supple. This color is a natural and polished finish. The peach shade can neutralize your whole look. It’s not too sheer but impressive enough to show your lips up in summer. Most of best MAC lipglass have fragrance and so does Richer, Lusher. Its smell is lovely, not overwhelming but very bearable. This lipglass is worth becoming your daily routine for healthy and lively lips.

For skin tone: white pink, yellow, golden and olive skin

For white pink skin tone and pale lips, the lipglass is in favor of orange color when you apply. With rosy natural lips it will turn to soft corally peachy pink.

Apply with lipstick: This MAC lipglass color can go with any shades of lipstick, it’s beautiful too when go alone. It helps moisturizing your lips when your lipstick runs dry. Applying it with coral lipstick and naked liner is not also a bad idea.

JAPANESE SPRING – Pale dirty pink

JAPANESE SPRING - Pale dirty pink

JAPANESE SPRING – Pale dirty pink

 Long lasting: Yes. It stays about two hours in your lips.

Feature: Described as milky and pale pink, this lipglass is a creamy and cool undertone.

Because of being so light, it settles in lip lines quite noticeably. You just need apply a slight layer to your lips.

For skin tone: Pale or fair skin

PAGODA – Frosted cool pink

PAGODA - Frosted cool pink

PAGODA – Frosted cool pink

Rating: 5.0

Long lasting: Yes

Feature: Pagoda is a gorgeous light-medium soft pink that lights up your face. The lilac pink with white shimmer brings you silky and smooth layer on your lips.

For skin tone: The color is very flattering on medium olive with yellow undertones skin

Apply with lipstick: Creme Cup MAC lipstick

RIGHT IMAGE – Midtone blue pink

RIGHT IMAGE - Midtone blue pink

RIGHT IMAGE – Midtone blue pink

Rating: 5.0

Long lasting: Yes

Feature: The Right Image lipglass is quite special with blue tone pink. It’s not heavily pigmented, not so bright but very subtle and natural with fine silver shimmer and nude pink shade. You can feel smooth, soft and vanilla flavor on your lips, the layer stays very long but not so sticky. The glass can keep your lips moisturizing without being overly shiny. Although it brings the best look in winter, you can wear this perfect finish for all year round. Especially, different from other MAC lipglass, the Right Image doesn’t settle into lines.

For skin tone: Fair, light olive

If your skin is pale and you’re hesitating about choosing a nude lips, this one will works beautifully with just a little pink overtop. Your face will look definitely radiant.

BOY BAIT – Light neutral beige with pearl

BOY BAIT - Light neutral beige with pearl

BOY BAIT – Light neutral beige with pearl

Rating: 4.4

Long lasting: Yes. It lasts 2-3 hours

Feature: The Boy Bait lipglass is very creamy, catchy and easy to apply. This nice neutral color makes your lips kissable, sexy and feminine. Your boyfriend even cannot recognize you’re wearing a lipglass and praise you incessantly. No one will notice the difference, you can wear it every day and at anywhere; it fits with both your work outfits and going out dress. Adding with a little lip liner will be the perfect choice for you. Your lips will be defined and fuller than ever. Beside the slight sparkle, this MAC lipglass smells like chocolate rice crispy that makes your smile and breath so sweaty and attractive.

For skin tone: Brown skin

Apply with lipstick: MAC myth lipstick.

It also goes well with other kinds of lipstick. With pale, pink, nude lipstick or coral, it brings different and surprisingly effects and color. Even applying alone, it looks great too.

PARTIAL TO PINK – Light, creamy yellow pink with light gold pearl

mac lipglass

PARTIAL TO PINK – Light, creamy yellow pink with light gold pearl

Rating: 5.0

Long lasting: Yes

Feature: I highly recommend this MAC lipglass cremesheen for you by its pretty, soft and consistent texture. It can transform any makeup into sophisticated and beautiful looking. I don’t even need to put any lipstick underneath it. Unlike its outlook that is dark and colorless, its real application is so shiny and pigmented. Seriously, the color is gorgeous. In fact it’s considered as one of MUST HAVE items.

For skin tone: medium


STAR QUALITY – Bright Orange Coral

STAR QUALITY - Bright Orange Coral

STAR QUALITY – Bright Orange Coral

Rating: 4.8

Long lasting: Yes

Feature: Star Quality is such a pretty pinky coral lipglass that’s very juicy and summery. Its texture is so creamy, not so moisturizing but it definitely won’t dry your lips out. It’s a red color lipglass but not too bright that I can usually wear it in public for everyday look. It stays even much longer than I expected although you need to re-apply it after food and drink but I think that’s not much a trouble. The only warning for you is that you will easily fall in love with this color.

For skin tone: Pale

DOUBLE DARE – Coral red

DOUBLE DARE - Coral red

DOUBLE DARE – Coral red

Rating: 4.4

Long lasting: Yes

Feature: Double Dare is a sheer coral red leaning on the medium pink side. It’s very bright, warm and smooth. The pigmented color but not too dramatic will bring you a very healthy, pinky and shiny when wearing, added by a little sexy. I really love the texture which is the combination of glossiness and creaminess that lasts for about 3 hours without reapplying after eating or drinking. To avoid being flashy, you should apply it with a very light hand and smack your lips together at the same time. A slight layer is enough to shine you up.

For skin tone: Medium, olive, yellow undertone

LOUD & LOVELY – Blue pink

LOUD & LOVELY - Blue pink

LOUD & LOVELY – Blue pink

Rating: 5.0

Long lasting: Yes

Feature: As its name, this MAC lipglass is really “lovely and sheer“. It’s a bright look for fall and winter, even when you wear it at night; it’s fabulous and attractive too. Such a flattering and brunette shade! It came to me as a moisturizing and tasty lipglass. I remember one time I unwittingly applied it too thick on my lips, but finally it turned out to be not sticky at all and didn’t catch my long hair. For skin tone: Fair skin

DEELIGHT – Mid-tone neutral

DEELIGHT - Mid-tone neutral

DEELIGHT – Mid-tone neutral

 Rating: 4.7

Long lasting: Yes

Feature: Deelight is a beautiful rosey nude lipgloss that is different from any lipgloss that I have. It still moisturizing, soft, non-sticky, creamy like other MAC lipglass but it brightens my lips so nicely. My lips are pigmented but very natural. I always wear it to school, to work even to church without any make-up. My boyfriend usually hate kissing me with lipgloss on but now MAC makes him changes his mind. He loves this even more than me.

For skin tone: Fair, olive-tan

Apply with lipstick: Thanks to being sort of nude tone, it goes great with any colors of lipstick, but it corrects best to pinky coral lipstick to add a more nice sheen. When apply with nude lipstick, it warms up the color but doesn’t over power the nude look. 

FASHION WHIM – Light beige

mac lipglass

FASHION WHIM – Light beige

Rating: 4.7

Long lasting: 2-3 hours but it’s not a huge thing. But people will know you own the best lip-gloss ever.

Feature: Fashion Whim is one of the lightest shades of the cremesheen glasses. If you are a nude lip lover, you will definitely need it. The fabulous pale shade has a little shimmer and slight yellow which I guess a lot of girls would love it. Its formula is amazing. It neither dries your lips out nor bleeds. It’s very fresh and creamier than most of other lip glasses. The vanilla flavor is really gorgeous too.

For skin tone: tanned, yellow undertones, olive

Apply with lipstick: It looks good alone or under any kinds of lippie color. Even nude, pink, or red, it brings a very nice shine. When going with a nude lip liner, the combo is perfect.

Hopefully this review of mac cremesheen glass will help you get the right choice for your lips and style. The perfection of MAC lipgloss has been affirmed by many lipgloss lover in the world so you can freely choose the suitable one without hesitation. A good news is that the tube is bigger than regular lipglass and may be MAC will release more shades in the future.


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