Mac lip liner review

mac lip liner

Mac lip liner review

MAC Cosmetics has become familiar with any makeup lover for a long time, though in or outside the field of professional makeup. The lipstick of MAC products renowned all over the world for its beautiful, color fastness, plentiful and diversified colors. Therefore, MAC lipstick product is a top choice for the actress to get the confidence expressed by bright smile on the stage and besides that many women also choose MAC lipstick to keep the freshness and attractiveness everyday. The best way to draw attention to your mouth is the lovely lip liner drawed on your lips! If there’s one lip liner on earth everyone should own, it would have to be MAC lip liner. These pencils are known as the lip foundations which have a smooth, creamy texture that is available in a wide selection of colors. In my today review, I would help you to find out the most preferred colors in MAC lip liner products – the pencils called the best in the best.

MAC lip liner Ruby Woo


Ruby Woo

Seemingly red is most preferred color in the world, and the truth is everyone who is a huge fan of MAC has the most powerful red pencil in their collection, which is ruby woo.

While Relnetlessly Red is a bright pinkish coral matte which is mixed a little pink and a little bit of coral, the Ruby Woo lip liner looks exactly is crimson. As its name suggests, when apply to the lips, it left a red color of a gem ruby which is an alluring deep, warm red. The great point is that ruby woo not only bright your facial skin but also whiten the teeth. To my way of thinking, the Ruby Woo is a beautiful, impressive lip liner with glamorous, fascinating color.


MAC lip liner Spice

mac lip liner

MAC Lip Pencil Spice

I have to say that is a must have in anyone’s collection! I don’t ever want to go out without this lip liner. Spice is a lovely ideal mix of brown, pink as well as orange which blends effortlessly and would work with any skin tone because of its perfect neutral. This lip liner is closest to my natural lip color but just something about it that makes you look sexier. The look of no lipstick but still defined in a subtle way would blow any girls away.

One key point about lips I guess everyone knows is that the top lip is always believed to be darker than the bottom to get the attractive look, even from a distance. Therefore, my favorite way to wear MAC lip liner in Spice is mostly on my top lip to enhance the shape of my lips so naturally and I’m really into this gorgeous look.

This lip liner goes with everything! No matter what color lipstick, lip gloss, etc. It can be used with a little light gloss to create a more fascinated look or with colors to keep pigment in place perfectly.

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