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Hello ladies, remember the MAC Plushglass lip gloss I showed you last time? Today, let’s make friend with another gorgeous baby from MAC named Wash & Dry Tinted Lipglass. This new line of MAC lip gloss is the special gift for those who run the world (girls). It is perfect for summer time, and if you are getting rid of those ordinary lip colors, Wash & Dry Lipglass is worth a try. Believe me, these pretty little mac lip glosses are not only surprisingly fantastic but also very friendly to your budget.

mac lip gloss

Wash & Dry Tinted Lipglass

MAC Wash & Dry Laundromat collection is the latest release from MAC. This collection was open for business in summer 2015 which including wide range of products such as matte lipstick, lip gloss, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, powder and nail polish. Inspired by the Laundromat which was both a staple and symbol of American suburbia from the 1950s , MAC named the collection as Wash & Dry, it makes sense, right? Moreover, MAC also got the inspiration from the movie Hairspray (1988) , does it remind you of some oldies and disco dance? If yes, you are so 80s. Just kidding. I have to say that I am so impressed with this concept of the self-service laundry and the makeup things, just like the picture above, so much classiness, sexiness and nostalgia.

Get back to the Wash & Dry collection; the highlights in this are the four shades of Wash & Dry Tinted Lipglass. First of all, I am pretty sure that your eyes definitely will be caught by the fancy packaging of these lip glosses. The packaging is a stunning, rainbow-sherbet-ombré work of art, very cool and different from regular MAC lip gloss tubes.

Here are the four shades of MAC Wash & Dry Lipglass. Three of them have the gorgeous pigmented dark vivid color and the other has a nude-but-not-quite-nude kind of tone.

Domestic Diva – Frosty, watery pink

Girl on Board – Light crème nude

Hot/Cold – True red

Laundry List – Vivid orange

In general, these four lip glosses have a common that they leave a high-gloss, glass-like finish or a subtle sheen on lips. Unlike those MAC Plushglass lip glosses, Wash & Dry Lipglass does have colors. It is pigmented, very shiny and can impart subtle or dramatic color.

MAC Wash & Dry Lipglass – Domestic Diva



Domestic Diva is described as a “frosty watery pink.” It’s a medium-dark, warm-toned pink with a lot of multi-colored and has very nice shimmer in there. This MAC lip gloss is formulated to be used by its own; therefore, it is not sheer but surprisingly pigmented. If you want a natural look to go to school, just put some color on your lips by apply a layer of Domestic Diva then you are ready to go out. Anyway, you definitely can wear it at home, while cooking, cleaning, doing exercise, chilling or whatever, even while sleeping, as long as you want. You have the right. Because you are the Domestic Diva!

In general, Domestic Diva works well on almost all skin tone, from fair, medium to dark skinned people. It also last amazingly long (compared to some other kinds of lip gloss), about five hours. Yes, five hours!

If you are a pinkaholic, Domestic Diva might be your new best friend.

MAC Wash & Dry Lipglass – Domestic Diva is now available on amazon with a reasonable price ($16.26)

MAC Wash & Dry Lipglass – Girl on board



In the tube, Girl On Board just looks like a basic nude light shade which is quite pale. But if you look closely, you see a shimmery sheen inside. And when applying it on lips, it is kind of light cream nude, yet also silver white with pearly shimmer. Normally, Girl on Board looks like white clear shade on lips, but it becomes silver pearly white when the light hits on. Well, it depends on the light so that your lips will, like ever-changing. It is clear; then it becomes silver shimmery shade. It is gone; then appears again. Anyway, Girl on Board is funny to wear. Personally, I find this lip gloss is the most special in the Wash & Dry Lipglass collection.

Girl on Board might look good on all skin tone.

You can purchase MAC Wash & Dry Lipglass – Girl on board online on amazon with the price $23.99.

MAC Wash & Dry Lipglass – Hot/Cold

mac lip gloss

mac lip gloss

MAC Hot/Cold Lipglass is described as a “true red.” It’s a cool-toned, medium-dark pinky-red with a cream finish. Actually, this “true red” is not so “true”, it is a pretty cool toned red with maybe a hint of berry pink. This one shade is perfect longwearing moisturizing perfect for summer.

This shade is perfect for those girls who have tanned or dark skin because it will brighten up your face amazingly. It lasts for about four hours if you do not eating or drinking much. It is more than I expected for a lip gloss.

MAC Wash & Dry Lipglass – Hot/Cold has quite a budget-friendly price ($19.99)

MAC Wash & Dry Lipglass – Laundry List

mac lip gloss

mac lip gloss

If you find frosty watery pink (Domestic Diva) or true red (Hot/Cold) are still too mainstream for you. Because you are a spontaneous and unpredictable kind of girl and looking for something wild, Laundry List is the one for you. Laundy List lip gloss is described as a “vivid orange.” It’s a slightly muted, medium-dark orange with warm, yellow undertones and a cream finish. It is time for you to get out of your comfort zone of lips colors and wear something viva vroom. The true vivid orange shade without shimmer or glitter of Laundry List is a good choice to start things off.

This shade is not a “safe” color so it is not easy to wear. MAC Laundry List is best for fair to medium skin tone. Anyway, forget about it, just wear it if you like!

You can easily purchase MAC Wash & Dry Lipglass Laundry List online with an affordable price ($17.00)

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