Best white lipsticks

Have you ever heard of white lipstick? Yes, I am mentioning WHITE LIPSTICK. It is not so common among us because we only used to those ordinary lips colors like red, pink or orange. I have never imagined what it looks like when applying a white lipstick. I thought that white lipstick is for Halloween. And for everyday makeup? Maybe only the fashionistas or celebrities dare to wear it. But since I am getting to know about white lipstick, I realize that there are several shades of white and many kinds of lipstick too, from almost-white to absolutely-white, from lips gloss to matte lipstick. So, you definitely can control how white you want your lips to look.

However, it is challenging to wear the white lipstick. First of all, you need to have very white teeth. Secondly, you should have other punch of white cosmetics to go with your lips such as white lip primer or foundation, white lip balms, white lip liners and white lip gloss, or maybe more white accessories. But I think you should not be so overwhelmed about this, you can break the rules, like all the don’t-tell-me-what-to-do kind of girls do.

So… If you are the girl who likes following the rule, just go back to the ordinary lips colors. But if you are super cool like me, here are some white lipsticks for your consideration.

NYX Macaron Pastel Lippies Lipstick – Coconut is our first white lipstick 


   NYX Macaron Pastel Lippies Lipstick

The first white lipstick I would like to review is Macaron Pastel Lippies Coconut from NYX. Needless to say, NYX is so familiar to all the makeup lovers. This line of products has 12 different neon and pastel lippies, Coconut is one of them. The cruelty-free formula is packed with pigment and has a satin matte finish for long-wearing resilience.

Because of the pigmented formula, Coconut has the “true white” color. The color of this lippie is fabulous, it is perfect for 60s cosplay party. But if you do not want to wear this white lipstick alone, you definitely can use it to tone down or brighten up other colors from other lipsticks.

One of the most special things when using white lipstick is that it is not the skin tone that matters. It goes well with all skin tones, even more outstanding on the medium or dark skin people.

Because NYX Macaron Pastel Lippies Lipstick – Coconut is the matte lipstick, it might be a little bit dry for someone who has dry lips. In this circumstance, I recommend a clear layer of EOS lips balm.  Then you could have the perfect lips for it to go on smoothly with no flaws. An advantage of matte lipstick is its long lasting, it could last for half a day without drinking or eating too much.

Tish & Snooky’s MANIC PANIC N.Y.C. Peacock Shimmers Cobweb Lethal Lipstick


Peacock Shimmers Lipstick

The second white lipstick I want to recommend to you is Peacock Shimmers Cobweb Lethal Lipstick from Tish & Snooky’s MANIC PANIC N.Y.C. I know that Manic Panic may sound strange to some of you. But Manic Panic opened its doors for the first time on July 7, 1977, actually. It is famous for hair dye and cosmetic products for punk rock and gothic style. Many punk chic and celebrities have been loving this brand from the 70s, even Cyndi Lauper used Manic Panic products too. So, if you are the “girl just want to have fun” who likes white lipstick, this lippie is for you.

Sheer white base with opalescent blue, the unique formula is long-wearing and contains antioxidants to soften lips. Peacock Shimmers Cobweb Lethal Lipstick is a creamy sheer lipstick that had shimmer. Actually, it shines and reflects several different soft colors. It isn’t any solid color, it is more like a slightly translucent shimmer of color over your lips. It is almost a gloss in appearance but without the sticky feel. With the creamy texture, your lips will be well moisturized and smooth.

PANIC N.Y.C. Peacock Shimmers Cobweb Lethal Lipstick looks good on all skin tones because its color is flexible and you definitely can control the white shade of it.

You could use this lipstick by its own or combine with other lipstick to have a new opalescent dimension. About the lasting ability of Peacock Shimmers Cobweb Lethal, it is not especially long lasting; you will need to reapply in few hours.

Lipstick Queen Ice Queen Lipstick

one of best white lipstick

                         Ice Queen Lipstick

The last white lipstick for you is Ice Queen from Lipstick Queen. Lipstick Queen is the result of a lifetime devoted to finding the perfect lipstick of a beautiful Australian woman, Poppy King, who has a famous saying that I cannot agree more: “For me, nothing is as glamorous or as empowering as lipstick.”

Lipstick Queen Ice Queen illuminates and emphasizes the lip contour, adding a crystalline beauty and radiance to your entire look. The cool, sheer white of Ice Queen is flecked with a delicate silver and golden shimmer that catches the light like sunshine on snowflakes. This snowy white effect brings an ethereal beauty to your look and yet is still transparent enough to show the natural pink of your lips.

The texture of Ice Queen is rich and comforting with super hydrating natural oils and anti-oxidant Vitamin E to keep lips nourished and soft. You will feel light on your lips without thickness. According to some other reviews, it might be a little bit dry for someone who has dry lips because it is kind of matte lipstick anyway.

No matter what skin tone you have, this white lipstick will look nice on you. Ice Queen lipstick could be used alone or over another lipstick to have a shimmery look without the weight of a gloss. FYI, I recommend you try pairing Ice Queen over the dark purple of Vampire’S Kiss from Manic Panic.

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