Best Mac Lip Gloss Reviews

It could be said that one of must-have items for every girl is probably a lip-gloss and there is a thousand of reasons that motivate girls looking for it. For teenager girls, they may want to have slight and gentle color on their lips, but do not want an intense, solid lip color effect. With mature girls, a lip-gloss that matches with their lipstick will be a perfect combination to make their lips look sexier and fuller .

Therefore, our team decides to review mac lip gloss in order to provide you a comprehensive understanding on mac lip gloss and hope you can find your best lip gloss.


Mac Lip Gloss Reviews


What is lip gloss?

Who invented lip gloss?

Methods for implementing the mac lip gloss review.

General characteristic of mac lip gloss line

The best mac lip gloss 


What is lip gloss?

A lip gloss is a cosmetic product used for moisturizing the lips and making it look glossy, as the name suggests. Lip gloss can be worn independently or on the top of a lipstick and lip balm. Nowadays, lip gloss has become one of the most popular products among not only teen girls but also women all around the world. The product is available in ranges of opacity from liquid to solid, and can have various frosted, glittered, glossy, and metallic finishes along with the shine. Colors of lip gloss usually are neutral, pale pink or light orange tone. This is the easiest color to use; it will not change your main lip color. The lip gloss also has a dark color like dark brown, purple or dark red; however when it is applied onto the lips, your lips will get a light and elegant color.

Lip gloss is sold in a variety forms which includes a small bottle with a rounded brush or applicator wand, to allow the user to brush the gloss onto the lips; in a small, squeezable plastic tube where the lip gloss is applied directly to the lips by fingertip or use the flat surface at the top of the tube to smooth it over your lips; some containers have a rolling ball at the top that glides over your lips.

Who invented lip gloss?

The history of lip gloss is very interesting. It was invented in 1930 by Max Factor, founder of the cosmetics giant Max Factor & Company. Today, Max Factor & Company is a division of Procter & Gamble in Hunt Valley, Maryland. Max Factor largely developed the modern cosmetics industry and popularized the term make-up in noun form based on the verb. He created the gloss specifically for film; give the lips a shiny and glossy appearance on camera was the original intent of the lip gloss. The glossy, almost glass-like aesthetic lent actors the polished look they were after, and it fit in well with the smooth, porcelain skin accredited to Factor’s film makeup.

Max Factor developed makeup specifically for actresses starring in black and white films. Inspired by movie actresses, women also wanted makeup in order to look more beautiful. The very first commercially available lip gloss was called Max Factor’s X-Rated. In addition, it was a big success when it launched in store in 1932. The original formula was sold up until 2003, when Procter and Gamble shut down the product.

Lip Smacker was the first flavored lip gloss introduced by Bonne Bell in 1973. This gloss aimed at the preteen market. The first flavor created was strawberry. Later flavors included watermelon and vanilla, among others. Lip Smackers are flavored and scented like fruits, candies, and soft drinks and are billed as “the Original Fun Lip Glosses”.

Lip gloss has become more popular than ever within the last few years. Lip gloss can add not only shine, moisturizing but also can add a plumping effect to the lips.

The first lip gloss

The first lip gloss

Methods for implementing the mac lip gloss review

To be able to provide you a comprehensive understanding on mac lip gloss, we implement 3 round review.

The first round

We visit official website of Mac to see how many types of mac lip gloss and lip glass are available. What is the difference among types of mac lip gloss and lip glass?

The second round

Our team chooses all lip-gloss and lip glass available and then visits different reliable websites such as makeup alley, amazon, temptalia, etc to select only these mac lip gloss that rated often at least from 4 out of 5 by customers who bought and applied.

And the final round

Finally, based on comments from all customers and we also see its color and texture and write price, rate, feature, pros and cons, and how to use with lipsticks for each selected mac lip gloss. And we hope that you can find your best mac lip gloss colors that is most suitable with your style, skin tone and make-up.

Before going to review every single mac lip gloss, we would like to provide you general information on each line of mac lip gloss are as following:

General characteristic of mac lip gloss line

Wash & Dry Tinted Lipglass A MAC lip gloss color from true red, vivid orange, frosty watery pink, light creme nude; Specially designed packagingHave 4 shades : Girl on Board, Hot/Cold, Domestic Diva, Laundry ListContains jojoba oils that help soften the lips. The formula isn’t stickyIt is smooth and moisturizing. A bit tacky so you better tie that hair up,Non long-lasting, you need to re-apply the lip gloss
Plushglass Sheer lip color which offers a high-shine gloss finishHave 13 different shades availableOffers a cool-warm vanilla flavored buzz to the lips which helps plump them up Many shades to choose Causing a hypersensitive reaction to some users from the stinging sensation which causes the plumping effect on the lips.The formula is sticky, smell is awful
Size to Go Lipglass MAC lip gloss creates a high gloss, glass-like finish or a subtle sheen.Can be worn on its own.Create a subtle wash of color or an intense effect. Tote-able in an airport-friendly size of 30ml Much smaller than expectation
Pro Longwear Lipglass As its name, last longer on the lip compared to other lip gloss, 6 hours Last longer on the lipsDoes not dry your lips out Very thick and tackyThe gloss is a bit difficult to apply evenly if your lips are dry
Cremesheen Glass A MAC Lip gloss combined the creamy finish of a lipstick and the high shine of a lip gloss.Have 22 shades available Non-sticky, non-tacky formulaProvides long-term hydrationVery moisturizing No long-lasting so you have to re-apply the MAC lip gloss
Viva Glam Miley Cyrus Tinted Lipglass A MAC lip gloss color is sheer, super sparkly medium-dark fuchsia pink with lighter pink and sparkling pearl shimmer.Limited-edition designed packaging with Miley Cyrus’s signature Very smooth and give an instant plump effect to the lips.Really pop when combine with Viva Glam Miley Cyrus Lipstick. This creates a fun hot pink set. It is worth your try. It is very sheer
Dazzleglass This MAC lip gloss has color that dazzles with light and shine to bring an exciting dimensional pop to your lips.Goes on smooth and give not too much glitterHave 17 shades available Non-tacky                  Very moisturizing.Great smell : Vanilla fragrance;                   Last about 4 hours;                             Many shades to choose: darker shades are pigmented and lighter ones are sheer with high shine. A bit stickyDifficult to get those shimmer particles off your lips
Lustreglass MAC lip gloss name was combined two effects Lustre and Glass.Give a shiny, glossy and a little bit of shimmery effect Non-stickyGive natural look while being very flattering Prefer doe-foot applicator over the brush one.
Lipglass A MAC lip gloss that create a glass- like finishContains oils which soften and condition the lipsCan apply anywhere on the body except for the eye areaHave 35 shades available Goes smoothly over the lips and gives gorgeous color with just one swipeLong-lasting: about 4 hours without eatingGreat smell: signature vanillaVery moisturizingMany color to choose A bit sticky

Top 10 Best Mac Lip Gloss

In this post, we will introduce to you some best mac lip gloss belong to Dazzleglass, Lustreglass, Lipglass Clear and 2015 VIVA GLAM Miley Cyrus.

MAC ‘Dazzleglass Baby Sparks Lip Glass’ 0.06oz/1.92g DAZZLEGLASS


Dazzleglass Baby Sparks Lip Glass

bb sp

Product: MAC ‘Dazzleglass Baby Sparks Lip Glass

Feature: My first feeling is that this is a gorgeous lipgloss and i trully in love with this lip gloss. Unlike other lipgloss that i have ever used, Baby Sparks has an iridescent shine light catches. The good thing of this gloss is that it stays long on your lips and it is shiny and protects your lips from the cold weather. It is not cheap but worth it. Besides, this lipgloss does make your teeth look whiter than usual.

For skin tone: Fair and medium

Apply with lipstick: With MAC Cremesheen Lipstick ~Creme Cup~ Nib, Always Authentic, it becomes a good combination.

Mac Dazzleglass Lip Gloss Get Rich Quick 1.92G/0.06Oz

Mac Dazzleglass Lip Gloss Get Rich Quick

Mac Dazzleglass Lip Gloss Get Rich Quick


Product: Mac Dazzleglass Lip Gloss Get Rich Quick 1.92G/0.06Oz

Feature: Everything has its pros and cons, and so does this mac lip gloss. However, i am sure that it pros definitely outweight it cons. And i can say that it is my favorite Dazzleglass. The unique point is its multiple coloured shimmer. You just need to wear the right amount to have a neutral brown lip color contains a beautiful shimmer of iridescent pink and red glitters on your lips. For teenagers, i bet that they are in love with the spark in it. Besides, i also love its typical stickiness formula with vanilla scent. Obvious, the only cons is that this Get Rich Quick is super sticky so that it can make your lips wet all the time.

For skin tone: For all skin tones, especially olive one

Apply with lipstick: The base of this mac lip gloss is quite sheer so that you can wear brown-toned lipsticks or nude lipstick underneath.

MAC Lustreglass Lip Gloss Star Nova

MAC-Lustreglass-1 copy

Product: MAC Lustreglass Lip Gloss Star Nova

Long-lasting: No but you probably will love to keep reapplying because of its shimmer

Feature: If you are not lipstick person and you are lipgloss fan. This is all in one, you don’t need lipstick or lip liner. It is a lip gloss that you just need to pull out and use. It is fabulous lip gloss with lovely depth and slight shimmer and it goes on extremely sheer with vanilla scent but not sticky. And it is a glittering medium mauve pink so that it matches with all skin tones.

For skin tone: All skin tones from fair, medium to olive.

Apply with lipstick: It is up to you, you can wear it alone or over lipstick such as MAC Lipstick Plum Dandy

Mac Lustreglass Lipgloss “Beaux”


Lustreglass Lipgloss “Beaux”


Product: Mac Lustreglass Lipgloss “Beaux”

Feature: In general, it is pretty lip-gloss that goes perfectly with a dark smokey eye. In the tube, it looks golden medium-brown but when you apply it is a tan color with gold iridescence. It’s super sexy and shiny but not sticky so that i am in love with this lip-gloss. It seems more suitable to wear in spring and summer than in autumn and winter. But for me, it is everyday lipgloss. In the winter this lipgloss makes me look calm and professional. Some people get used to the doe wand and they dislike the brush wand but i prefer this brush applicator because it is quite thick but tolerable.

For skin tone: Match with every skin tone from fair, medium to olive and dark

Apply with lipstick:  It goes perfectly with MAC Lustre Lipstick ~ Hug Me ~

MAC Lustreglass – Wonderstruck

MAC-Lustreglass-1 copy 2



Product: MAC Lustreglass – Wonderstruck

Feature: If you’re searching for a thick baby pink, Wonderstruck is for you. The nice pink colour is very suitable for everyday to school or work. With the flattering color and smooth consistency, it will make your lips look so shiny. The lipgloss is great on its own or over a nude lipstick or over pink lipstick. Some people said that the lustre glosses is often moisturizer than  the dazzle glasses and it is not stick either. One lovely thing is that is has very nice vanilla scent.

For skin tone: Fair or medium or fair-medium

Apply with lipstick: MAC Lollipop Loving, MAC’s Viva Glam Lipstick Gaga

MAC Lustreglass – Instant Gold


Instant Gold


Mac Lip Gloss – Lustreglass Instant Gold

Product: MAC Lustreglass – Instant Gold

Feature: It is very light golden nude color with these lovely and tiny shimmer particles so that it is a perfect cover for summer but you can also lay it over your lipstick to warm up in autumn and winter with smokey eyes. For nude lipstick, it does add extra dimension. This Lustreglass is not sticky as lip glasses and it is so smooth so that you can reapply as much as you want. To sum up, i can say that it is my new favorite mac lip gloss. I feel so great with its high shine, smooth and gorgeous sexy nude.

For skin tone: Fair, medium, olive, and dark

Apply with lipstick:  MAC Matte Lipstick ~Honeylove~

MAC Lip Gloss Lipglass Clear


Lipglass Clear

Product: MAC Lip Gloss Lipglass Clear

Long-lasting: yes, from at least 4 hours and above

Feature: Usually, I apply it directly from the tube and use my finger to blend it out because there is no wand. This unique mac lip gloss will provide you a glass-like finish or a subtle sheen. Thanks to its  jojoba oil, your lips will be moisturize and become softer.  Although it is stick but it lasts so that i do not really mind. The only bad side is that sometimes you might have to wipe off the tip of the tube because it is sticky.

For skin tone: For all skin tones.

Apply with lipstick: Clear Lipglass will create the perfect clear coat over any other pigmented products from lipsticks to lip pencil regardless its color. And one more good thing is that you can wear it anywhere in your body except your eyes area for both men and women. So, in our conclusion, this mac lip gloss is great in term of both quantity and quality and it is worth its price.

MAC VIVA GLAM Miley Cyrus Lipglass


VIVA GLAM Miley Cyrus Lipglass –  Hot pink with sparkling pearl


best mac lip gloss

Perfect combination from Viva Glam Miley Cyrus mac lipstick and mac lip gloss

Product: Viva Glam Miley Cyrus Lipglass

Long-lasting: 3 – 4 hours

Features: In the MAC lip gloss line, Viva Glam Miley Cyrus is in “a super-sexy hot pink hue with sparkling pearl shimmer in MAC’s much-loved lip gloss formula” said by MAC. In fact, the color is mostly just a high-gloss finish with a slight pink and a hint of shimmer. Your natural lip color will influence how the gloss looks on you due to its sheer enough. Moreover, this lip glass has very rich pigmentation and a lot of glitter. It is a bit sticky but you know that it is long-lasting with beautiful color. This MAC lip gloss can be applied easily onto the lips with a doe-foot applicator.

For skin tone: This MAC lip gloss suitable with every skin tones, from fair, medium or olive because of the hot pink color.

Apply with lipstick: Viva Glam Miley Cyrus Lipstick, which was described as a vivid, medium-dark fuchsia pink with a satin sheen. The combination of these two products gives the lips fuller and sexier look. They work very well together. If you are a fan of bold and sparkly shades, this combo is worth considering.

Now, it is time to say good bye but we will continue review other mac lip gloss. We hope that we did provide you useful information. See you soon!


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