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I have been a long time fan of MAC. Seriously, is there any woman who does not love MAC? For over twenty years, MAC provides a wide range of products including eye shadows, lipsticks, lip-gloss, all types of foundations, concealer, nail polish, stage makeup, and mascara, ect. My favorite MAC’s product is MAC lip gloss. If you think lip gloss means super-sticky, easy to wear off or it makes you look like you forgot cleaning your mouth after finishing some fried chickens at McDonalds; these lip glosses I am going to review below will definitely change your mind. I know that lip gloss sometimes might be the trouble maker for you, especially when yours or other’s hair are stick on your lips full of gloss and that situation is so awkward. But with MAC lip gloss, your lips are no longer sticky at all. You will have the perfect plump shiny lips but also non-sticky with very nice color.


MAC PLUSHGLASS is the line of MAC lip gloss I would like to introduce to you today. Plushglass has a sheer lip color with a glossy finish that gives a cool-warm buzz to the lips. This line of product is formulated to make lips look fuller and feel like more-instantly and comfortable to wear. More than that, vitamin E in this mac lip gloss line will moisturize and nurture your lips, making them look luxuriously healthy and well-conditioned. Although this line of MAC lip gloss is quite pricey but absolutely worth trying.

With those features mentioned above, along with 11 different gorgeous shades of colors, it is easy for you to choose your own best mac lip gloss from mac plush glass.

MAC Plushglass Lip Gloss – Ample Pink


Ample Pink

Price: MAC Plushglass is currently available on Amazon with an affordable price, only $26.98

Rating: 4.3/5

Long-lasting: Yes. The lip gloss last for couples of hours depending on your activities and the weather.

Feature: The color Ample Pink is the perfect natural pink gloss for everyday use. Its texture is creamy, smooth, and decently pigmented. In general, Plushglass Ample Pink has all the unique features of this line of product, however, if you have sensitive lips, you should consider carefully using it. Ample Pink is little bit different from other Plushglass lip glosses that it has creamy texture and does not have glitter/sparkle shimmer.

For skin tone: This color looks best on those who have fair to medium skin tone.

Apply with lipstick: Plushglass Ample Pink could be used by its own, or put on top of another pink or nude lipstick. It also works well with the MAC lipliner in Soar.

MAC Plushglass Lip Gloss – Big Baby

Big Baby

Big Baby

Price: $21.78

Rating: 4/5

Long-lasting: Not sure. Big Baby has the average lasting time.

Feature: As the name of this lip gloss – Big Baby, it has the peachy neutral pink color mixed with a little shade of orange, along with micro shimmers. I have to say that I love this color so much. It is so cute yet extremely gorgeous. If you want to have a natural look, just apply a layer of this Baby without using other lipstick.

For skin tone: This Baby is best for fair to medium skinned people. However, with those who have skin tone as yellow based such as Asian, another layer of pink lipstick beneath lip gloss would be great.

Apply with lipstick: MAC Plushglass Lip Gloss Big Baby looks great on its own and over neutral colors. I like to apply it on top of another light pink lipstick layer.

MAC Plushglass Lip Gloss – Bountiful

mac lip gloss


Price: $19.99

Rating: 4.5/5

Long-lasting: Not sure. Bountiful has the average lasting hour. You should reapply the lip gloss every 2 – 3 hours.

Feature: If you are a pinkie girl, this lip gloss is the must-have item for you. A shimmery light sheer pink that just looks dazzling on! It is perfect for nights out. Just a little bit of Bountiful on the lips, you will feel like a pretty princess. To some extent, this lip gloss can plump up your lips. This is a very light baby pink with lots of sparkle, but not as sticky as MAC’s Lustreglass collection. If you’re looking for the maximum shine, I would suggest switching over to Lustreglass,

For skin tone: Fair to medium skin tone.

Apply with lipstick: Mac lip gloss Bountiful works well by its own as well as with other lipsticks.

MAC Plushglass Lip Gloss – Fulfilled



Price: $22.51

Rating: 4.2/5

Long-lasting: Yes.

Feature: This lip-gloss is a really pretty pinky coral with the right amount of peachy orange. If you are not a fan of shimmer, Fulfilled is the right choice for you because it does not have shimmer or sparkle. This MAC lip gloss is very simple and not so pigmented. Because of the minimal pigment, it will complement your natural lips color and not look obvious. It also smells really nice. The only drawback of this tube of lip gloss is the plumping effect does not work well.

For skin tone: Because Fulfilled is not so pigmented, it just has a hint of pretty peach color; I could say that it looks good on all skin tones.

Apply with lipstick: Plushglass Fulfilled could be use by its own or on top of another lipstick. Personally, I would like to wear it under my MAC spice lip liner and it matches great

MAC Plushglass Lip Gloss – Full For You

Price: $20.29

Rating: 4/5

Number of customers reviewed: 29

Long-lasting: Yes. It last for 3 hours.

Feature: The color of Full For You is quite similar to Bountiful but darker and it has more shade of red. It looks very glittery and sparkly in the tube, but actually, it is not so pigmented, just like Fulfilled. Once applied on lips, it leaves more of a sheer “stain” with a subtle pink/berry tint. However, its color still looks very nice with subtle gold shimmer. This lip gloss might be stickier than others but it also lasts longer. Just a tiny dab is enough to keep your lips glossy and moist for half a day.

For skin tone: It works on all skin tone because it leaves not so much color on lips.

Apply with lipstick: It is up to you.

MAC Plushglass Lip Gloss – Nice Buzz

MAC Nice Buzz

Price: $29.20

Rating: 4.5/5

Number of customers reviewed: 19

Long-lasting: Not sure.

Feature: Nice Buzz is a sexy golden-champagne lip gloss of MAC that will give you a nice gold shimmer and make your lips look fuller. According to the reviews about this lip gloss, some people find it rather as a clear gloss but others see a glamorous color on their lips. I think it depends on the pigment of one’s lips. If you need more color, just apply it on top of other lipstick. Anyway, this MAC lip gloss Nice Buzz is a very pretty one; its moisturizing feature and plumping effect are undeniable. That is why it got such a high rating like this.

For skin tone: Nice Buzz matches with almost all skin tones.

Apply with lipstick: It is up to you.

MAC Plushglass Lip Gloss – Oversexed

Price: $16.76

Rating: 4.3/5

Number of customers reviewed: 37

Long-lasting: Yes

Feature: The color in the tube of Oversexed might make you hesitate a little bit, but actually, it is not really as dark as that glitter purple color on the tube. This gloss goes on sheer but offers a gorgeous plum color. It’s surprisingly neutral with medium skinned people. Oversexed leaves a high shine on lips and pretty glossy finish. It is not as sticky as other lines of MAC lip gloss but also do not dry your lips as well. Overall, this is a gorgeous lip gloss for those who love glossiness with light purple/violet color.

For skin tone: Fair to medium skin tone.

Apply with lipstick: MAC Plusglass Oversexed definitely could be used alone or with other lip liners.

MAC Plushglass Lip Gloss – Posh it Up


Price: $29.31

Rating: 4.2/5

Number of customers reviewed: 47

Long-lasting: Yes

Feature: At the first glance, it can be seen that there is a very glamorous light pink color in the tube, as pretty as other pink Plushglass lip glosses such as Nice Buzz, Full For You, etc,. And the common of these lip glosses is that it is not so pigmented so it only leaves a hint of shiny shimmery pink on lips. You might feel tingling when applying on your lips because of its plumping effect. Anyway, it still has pros as other Plushglass lip glosses such as moisturizing, creamy texture without too much stickiness and a really nice vanilla smell. It is a good MAC lip gloss you can consider trying.

For skin tone: Almost all skin tones can use Posh it Up.

Apply with lipstick: It is up to you.

MAC Plushglass Lip Gloss – Power Supply

mac lip gloss

Power Supply

Price: $29.03

Rating: 4/5

Number of customers reviewed: 29

Long-lasting: Yes

Feature: Actually, the color of Power Supply is quite similar to Bountiful and Full For You but a bit darker. Anyway, this is absolutely a gorgeous color; it has sheer deep rose color with shimmer which makes your lips look full and kissable. The difference between Power Supply and other lip glosses above is that it is certainly pigmented so that it can be worn alone. Overall, this is one of the best MAC lip glosses that worth giving a try.

For skin tone: Power Supply works well for almost all skin tones, from fair, medium to tanned skin.

Apply with lipstick: This lip gloss should be worn by its own because the pigment might change the original color of the lipstick.


MAC Plushglass Lip Gloss – Wet, Wild, Wonderful


Price: $32.97

Rating: ~4/5

Number of customers reviewed: 29

Long-lasting: Yes

Feature: Wet, Wild, Wonderful looks so lovely in its packaging – a beautiful darkish brown with golden flecks. Do not be afraid that dark brown color will make you look pale or older. Because, actually, this lip gloss is not high pigmented; it just leaves a little bronze clear gloss with golden pearl when applying on lips which makes your lips look glossy, shimmery, “wet” and “wonderful”, but not necessarily “wild”.

For skin tone: Fair to medium skin tone.

Apply with lipstick: Wet, Wild, Wonderful could be used alone. You also can use it on top of other lipsticks in order to darken the light or bright color of that lipstick.

MAC Plushglass Lip Gloss – Pretty Plush


Price: $29.99

Rating: 4.2/5

Number of customers reviewed: 29

Long-lasting: Yes

Feature: This is one of the best MAC lip gloss which has extra-soft pink with white pearl. Pretty Plush is an excellent gloss for adding shimmer and shine to different lip colors. Just like some other Plushglass lip glosses, Pretty Plush is not significantly pigmented. The pretty pink color you see in the tube doesn’t transfer onto your lips when you use it alone. However, that sheer color could make your lips not only shiny, glossy and also natural at the same time.

For skin tone: Pretty Plush matches for almost all skin tone.

Apply with lipstick: It is up to you. Apply this lip gloss alone or on top of other lipstick are both great.

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