Best Lip Brushes Review

Hi guys, lip brush might be more important than you imagine. In makeup brush collection, lip brush always remains a vital role. It should be fine, soft and tapered in order to help you adjust lipstick color and your lip shade. With a best lip brush, everything will become easier and you will get sexy and kissable lips within only 1 minute.

Guys, lets check out to find these best lip brushes with us.


What is a lip brush? And what does it look like?


Here is one of these best lip brushes

A lip brush is a makeup application tool, and its shape is long, thin as a pencil. The short, soft, smooth bristles of a lip brush are usually formed into a retractable tapered point.

These brushes can be either flat and square or slightly rounded. When you choose to buy a lip brush, you should choose a fine, soft, delicate tip that will be gentle on your lips with the precision.

Why do we need a best lip brush?

Today, many girls prefer to use perfect lip brush to apply lipsticks rather than apply directly from the tube. A lip brush is used to make the blend of lip liner and lipstick well on the lips. That prevents the lip liner from being harsh, thus giving a more natural appearance to your lips. As we all know blending makeup is the only way to make it look soft and natural, professional looking but not over the top.

Using a best lip brush will allow you to use less of the lipstick or lip-gloss when you apply them. A best lip brush also allows the lip cosmetic products to be applied lightly, smoothly and evenly without apply multiple coats. It is designed to help users apply lipstick and lip gloss with precision, prevent the smudge of lipstick outside the lip line.

Interestingly, when you have tried applying a full coverage of red, pink or purple or bright fuchsia lipstick, you would know the importance of having a lip brush. In fact, best lip brushes are actually more important than you might imagine. It not only allows you define your lips but also makes the color more neat and fabulous.

In addition, best lip brushes are also really good for layering lipsticks, especially for ombre lip looks. If you want to give your lipsticks a touch more variety, they are the perfect choices. Because you can pick the right amount you put on your brush, and you also can determine the wind-up on your lips.

Finally, if you need the mixture of several shades and formulas, absolutely you should use a lip brush. Using a best lipstick brush to apply lip color may result in lasting longer because less product layers are used in each application.

How to use a best lip brush?

First, use a best lip brush to blend out lip liner well for a less rough look.

Then, wipe the front and back of your brush over your tube to apply a lipstick or lip gloss application, until it is soaked with the color. You should start from the middle of your lips and blend outward, and work only inside your lip line, especially when you want to apply red or dark colors to your lips.

The very last step is blending your line. If you are applying gloss, then make sure you start off with a light hand.

How to maintain best lip brushes well?

To regular maintain and clean lip brushes, you have to wash them gently with warm water and baby shampoo or shower gel. After that, reshape and lay them flat and make sure to also keep them dry. The longevity of lip brushes is often one year; you should replace them at least once a year as with other makeup brushes. However, if the bristles start to fray or become hard to blend out, it is necessary to replace them immediately.

You should not share your best lip brushes with anyone and use two separate lip brushes, one for light colors and one for darker colors in order to prevent unwanted mixing.

Here are some of these best lip brushes that will help you transform the way you apply your lip products.

The 1st best lip brush is ELF Studio Retractable Lip Brush

With only around 3$, now you are able to own a best cheap lip brush ever. Its compact is portable and retractable so that it is so convenient for travelling, and even to put it in your purse when going out, and things will not get messy inside. Someone finds it difficult to use, but it really is easy. You just take off the lid, and insert it at the bottom so that the brush comes out from its retracted position. The tapered tip makes it easy to fill in the corners of the lips easily and precisely. You can also line your lips using this one. The bristles are very soft and sturdy. Also, there was no shedding of the bristles after being washed. And it can be used with both wet and dry products.

The 2nd best lip brush is Maybelline New York Expert Tools Lip Brush

The design of this brush is good with two good points: it is retractable and travel size. This brush works well like a ballpoint pen. It is long enough both in the handle and in the bristles. It covers the lips nicely and smoothly. You take the cap off and put it on the bottom of the holder, then, push the brush up to use. By pulling the cap off the bottom, the brush retracts back into the body of the holder and the brush stays clean and safe.

Real Techniques Retractable Lip Brush considered as the 3rd best lip brush

Real Techniques Retractable Lip Brush

Real Techniques Retractable Lip Brush

The application of lipstick will be perfect when you use this lip brush. The tapered bristles are stiff enough so that you can line your lips or smoothly cover larger areas. One lovely thing is its color. It is gorgeous and pretty pink compact, which stands out from any other black lipstick brushes I have ever tried. Therefore, it is very easy for you to find it among other makeup tools.

Revlon Covered Lip Brush is next best lip brush

If you don’t want to spend too much money on a lip brush, Revlon’s brush is the perfect option for you. The bristles are very soft, so it makes you feel smooth when applied to the lips, but it is also ultra robust, which is exactly what you want for picking up color and applying it in all the right spots. The flat, tapered shape allows for a smooth, even and flawless application. Sleek cover doubles as an elongated handle for precision and control.

Bdellium Tools Travel Line Yellow Retractable Lip Brush

Bdellium Tools Travel Line Yellow Retractable Lip Brush

Bdellium Tools Travel Line Yellow Retractable Lip Brush

If you aim for a simple and convenient lip brush, I am pretty sure that you will not regret buying this lip brush. Once you own it, you will use it everyday. Because Bdellium lip brush is a compact lip brush with soft bristles, and is sturdy enough to handle a decent amount of lip color and provide a nice, neat and flawless finish on your lips. It will not fall apart when you apply it with a little bit pressure on your lips. It is also easy to use, to clean and dries quickly.

JAPONESQUE Travel Retractable Lip Brush

JAPONESQUE Travel Retractable Lip Brush

JAPONESQUE Travel Retractable Lip Brush

If you are looking for a new lip brush, I will certainly recommend you consider Japonesques Retractable Lip Brush. It is considered as a slim, portable lip brush. The retractable brush comes in a narrow metal tube, it has a lid and soft synthetic bristles. It is very good value for money, fantastic for travel. You can simply slide down the silver casing at the brush end until it cannot go down any more.

“We love bold lips, but sloppily applied bright oranges, corals, and reds can look more unhinged than trendy. This narrow brush’s supersoft domed bristles paint on lip colors smoothly, precisely, and evenly.”

Sigma Beauty Covered Lip Brush – L05

Sigma Beauty Covered Lip Brush – L05

Sigma Beauty Covered Lip Brush – L05

Sigma Lip Brush L05 is a perfect product to carry while travelling. It looks very pretty and is easy to put in your purse. Another great thing is its case with a lip brush that is almost half of its size. I also love the curve because it can just be right into the peaks and brush down right into the inner corners. L05 will make you really get great application. With the help of this brush there will be no chances of your lip brush attracting any kind of germs. Its synthetic bristles is soft will gives you smooth and precise application. This brush just takes 2 hours to dry.

Ultimate Brush for Longer Lasting Lipstick, Pure Maggs Beauty

My first impressive thing comes from the package. The container is great, sturdy and looks like an arrow, which brings the feeling of reliability. It will not take up a lot of space, and it’s perfect to travel with. It is very soft, sturdy enough to grab enough products to apply. It is made of high quality synthetic hair and is a travel-friendly and stylishly chic leather case to protect your brush from dirt and sunlight. That brush was designed to give you a smoother application and a flawless finish.

Bare Escentuals Brush Covered Lip Brush is our final best lip brush in this post

It’s always nice to find an inexpensive brush that will get the job done right, and this brush is just that kind. The brush is small and pointy, so it takes a while to get enough lipstick on, but its pointiness means you can apply very precisely. It picks up a thin layer of lipstick so that you can carefully layer on the product until you have the desired amount of pigmentation. It’s pointy in shape, but the bristles are soft, but not too soft to keep its shape well.

Lip brushes may be found in the cosmetic section of most stores. They also are available online and may be sold individually or in packs of other makeup application brushes for the face and eyes. We hope that our lip brushes reviews will help you choose your best lip brush.

So, bye guys. 🙂

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