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Gorgeous Coral lipsticks have become a hot trend today with girls all over the world and there are a lot of brands which offer various types of coral shades. But one can get confused over what shade or brand of coral coloured lipstick they can try and should purchase. So I’m here to review the best coral lipsticks which suitable with every skin tones.

  1. Revlon Super Lustrous – Creme Lipstick, Kiss Me Coral 750 – .15 oz (4.2 g) 
best coral lipsticks

                               Kiss Me Coral

Price: $8.99

Rating: 4.5

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks Kiss Me Coral is another of my all time favorites coral lipstick! It is a combination of super pretty Orange and Coral. This is the kind of lipstick which brightens, perks up your look with a little face and eye makeup. I have medium complexion and this stunning true coral shade suits me beautifully. This comes in a nicely classy and non-fussy packaging of a black tube and a gold band with brand name on it. I love the fact that the see-through lid is transparent which makes it easier to identify the lipstick without having to open multiple lipsticks. Undoubtly, Kiss Me Coral has considered one of the best in lipstick market thanks to its glossy, smooth, sheeny, creamy texture. Therefore, I’ve found that its glides so beautifully on my lips without any lip balm underneath. About pigmentation, I found a winner here too. This lipstick is greatly pigmented and it covers all the unevenness of my lips in just one swipe. Amazing, right? I have to confess that my least favourite part is the staying power which is not very high. It stays not more than 3 hours on me but fades away when I have a meal. If you don’t mind the less lasting power, you will be in love with this gorgeous coral lipstick.

  1. Lipstick Queen Jungle Queen – Coral
best coral lipstick

Lipstick Queen – Coral

Price: $20.90

Rating: 5

Jungle Queen – a lipstick shade that plays really well with animal prints is my very first purchase from Lipstick Queen. “Two things that epitomize glamour in my mind are animal prints and lipstick. And Jungle Queen is a fresh and chic new way to combine the two!”said Poppy King. And it really did that. It’s such a delicious bright coral shade which is supposed to look fabulous on everyone, that I have no doubt it would be my spring/summer staple! The concept and packaging of the lipstick is so interesting and unique that I can’t help being drawn to it and imagining myself far away, in a tropical paradise. I love the way it comes in a really pretty metallic green tube that is really original and powerful. Jungle Queen is considered a semi-sheer formulation, but the fact is that the lipstick is more pigmented than a regular sheer lipstick. With just one swipe on my lips, it feels nicely hydratingnourishingsuper glossy and smooth with a hint of luminescent sheen. The color lasts for an extremely long time, and it isn’t drying at all. Really impressive, right? That why I’m absolutely into this coral lipstick.

  1. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Pure Color Satiny Radiance Lipstick, Le Orange, 0.1 Ounce


Price: $33.50

Rating: 4.5

This luxurious, fabulous coral lipstick is YSL’s makeup must-have for this spring. The colour of YSL Le Orange is beautiful bright orange – coral for sure. However, there is enough red and a tad bit of pink to make it more wearable and suitable for any skin tones or even look particularly lovely on more dusky ones. I’ve tried Le Orange and just immediately fell in love. It comes in a luxury golden case which has a decent weight and bears the YSL logo on one side which gives me a luxe feel. The elegant texture is so softslippery like a dream that it glides on extremely smoothly like silk. It feels even better than lip balm as it moisturizes, hydrates my lips with glossy finish and beautiful pigmentation. The staying power is super fantastic as it lasts at least 4 hours. But even after I wipe it off, it does leave a beautiful stain on my lips. The cost is an only point of hesitation. It’s really a perfect coral lipstick if you can get past its pricey. This is definitely a product that lipstick aficionados should check out!

  1. MAC Wash and Dry Morange Lipstick


Price: $24.38

Rating: 5

Because we all lust for those perfect coral lips, MAC presents us with this beautiful coral shade which is known as Wash and Dry Morange. It’s a brightened, vivid orange with warm, red undertones and very tiny lighter orange shimmer which looks extra beautiful on medium and deep skin tones. Like many girls, I have a soft spot for nice packaging so it’s extremely easy to strike my fancy. Anyone who looks at MAC Wash and Dry Morange will also be blown away by the striking packaging for sure. The yellow, orange and turquoise ombré is just so lust for the summer and make me “love at first sign”. The texture was creamy, slightly thicker than other lipstick with a more velvety, satin-like feel. It is also heavily pigmented and it lastfor five hours on my lips. I do feel it is a little too orangey and bright at times and extremely hard to match with many outfits, but when it does, it works beautifully. No double is it definitely the best coral lipstick you can find!

  1. Gemey Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids – 912 Electric Orange


Price: $14.62

Rating: 4

I’m beyond impressed with this best coral lipstick. Not for the faint of heart- Gemey Maybelline Electric Orange is pure orange which is super vibrant and daring. This one is even more shocking than any orange lips we saw last Spring. It’s gonna be extremely hot this Spring! The shades will look amazing on your lips with exactly true-to-the-tube color that brightens up your face instantly. It look even pretty on darker skin tones, and for fair to medium skin tones, this is a must have, to be honest. The packaging is so gorgeous. I really enjoy the elegant sleek silver tube and the stand out, lust bright orangey caps. Electric Orange is formulated with true color pigments surrounding a special mineral which sits on top of the lips for full, opaque coverage. The texture is fairly moisturizing, nourishing, smooth and slightly sheen that glides beautifully on my lips. And just because of its moisturizing and glossy, it is not incredibly long wearing; I mean it is completely disappear after sipping on cocktails and munching on appetizers. Overall, it is deserved to name as one of the best coral lipsticks.

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